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Hyatt Union Square New York
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New York City - Best Hotels for Guest Service & Overall Kindness

New York City - Best Hotels for Guest Service & Overall Kindness Another New York City ¬- Best Hotels for Hospitality
At Hyatt Hotels, our service stretches far beyond our front door. For us, authentic hospitality is a way of life. It means helping others in unexpected ways, random acts of kindness, and going the extra mile because we genuinely care. We're more than a full-service hotel company. We're a family. And "In a Hyatt World," everyone takes care of each other. That's why we launched our recent global campaign of the same name. "In a Hyatt World" is all about surprising people with warmth, anticipating what they might need, and delivering it out of an honest desire to brighten their day. Here are a few examples of how our associates have embodied the movement around the world:

Smiling Faces, Opening Doors

Our first action occurred all across the globe, as Hyatt associates opened doors for random people in cities like Hong Kong, London, Chicago, and New Orleans. By no means limited to hotels, they warmly welcomed people to coffee shops, helped them into taxis, and ushered them into offices buildings.

The "Recharge Lounge"

During the ever-popular New York City Wine and Food Festival, we built a place for people to charge their phones in a relaxing, playful environment.

Unexpected Refreshment
We handed out fresh-squeezed juices on the hot streets of L.A., then supported participants in the Dirty Girl Run for breast cancer awareness with a cleansing pop-up spa.

We've Got You Covered
There's nothing worse than getting stuck in the rain. That's why we're proud to provide guests with umbrellas at all of our properties. In fact, we recently took this service to the streets, handing out "In a Hyatt World" ponchos and umbrellas on rainy days in Paris, New York City, and Seattle.