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Central NYC Accommodations with Free Wi-Fi for Everyone

Central NYC Accommodations with Free Wi-Fi for Everyone Ultra-Modern NYC Accommodations, Now with FREE Wi-Fi!
As a new feature of our "In a Hyatt World" hospitality revolution, every guest is now welcome to FREE Wi-Fi! New York City is the epicenter of global culture, from fashion to finance, and connectivity is paramount. Whether you're on vacation in the Big Apple, or have business here in Manhattan, you can plan your day from the comfort of your Hyatt Grand Bed™, over coffee at The Fourth, literally anywhere inside Hyatt Union Square New York. And ours isn't the only property treating guests to complimentary Internet throughout the hotel - it's happening everywhere. That's right, every one of our more than 500 Hyatt hotels in the world now offers all guests FREE Wi-Fi, every day of the year, on as many devices as you desire!

Everything's Better "In a Hyatt World"
Why add FREE Wi-Fi now? Because we've listened to you. We know how important it is to stay connected to your email, to map your route through NYC, or check your flight status - and you shouldn't have to pay for it. In fact, many guests use their laptops and smartphones more than the TV in their room! Of course, #InAHyattWorld is about more than just the Internet. It's about anticipating what it takes to make your stay as restful as possible, and listening when you tell us what you need. Other ways we're improving your overall hotel experience include:
•    Hyatt Has It: If you forgot your phone charger, curling iron, lint roller, or razor, no worries! We've got you covered.
•    We'll bring the Fitness Center to you! Simply call the front desk for a yoga mat, or a small set of free weights.
•    Custom Comfort: Foam pillows, humidifiers, and steamers are available by request at most Hyatt properties.