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With the Gorgeous Cherry Blossom, NYC Warms Into Spring!

With the Gorgeous Cherry Blossom, NYC Warms Into Spring!

Celebrate Spring & the Majestic Cherry Blossom, NYC!



Brooklyn Botanic Gardens

990 Washington Avenue

Brooklyn, NY 11225



Closed Mondays

Tuesday-Friday - 8am-6pm

Saturday & Sunday - 10am-6pm



Adults - $12

Seniors 65+ & Students - $6

Children Under 12 - FREE!


It's not really springtime in New York City until the streets are lined with bright pink petals from the flowering cherry blossom. Brooklyn Botanical Gardens is hands down the best place to behold the magnificent vernal colors, where over 200 trees of 28 species bloom forth all April long. The trip to the city's hippest borough is a short one from Hyatt Union Square New York, best traversed on the Q train from our neighboring station. The ride is scenic, with views of the Brooklyn Bridge and Statue of Liberty, on your way to the Prospect Park stop in the up-and-coming neighborhood of Prospect-Lefferts Gardens (PLG).


Sakura Matsuri

April 25th & 26th


Otherwise known as the Cherry Blossom Festival, this weekend-long celebration of Japanese culture marks the true start of spring in the city, after which residents can count on predominantly warm, sunny days for the months to come. More than 60 activities - from Taiko drumming, to cosplay fashion shows, tea ceremonies, cooking demonstrations, and samurai sword fighting - are centered around the Cherry Esplanade, comprised of two long rows of double-flowering trees on each side of a sweeping lawn, where visitors can soak in the sun.


Savor a Special Taste of Brooklyn

A largely West Indian neighborhood, "PLG" is known for the affordably delicious Trinidadian food served at De Hot Pot (1127 Washington Ave.), just steps away from the Botanic Gardens. Be sure to try the doubles (fried flatbread sandwiches with chickpea curry), and the roti (thin, savory breads wrapped around potatoes, chickpea curry, and your choice of meat).