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Sleep No More - The Wildest #Show in NYC

Sleep No More - The Wildest #Show in NYC Sexy & Immersive, No Show in NYC Compares
The McKittrick Hotel
530 West 27th Street
For the most unique experience in New York City theater, look no further. Sleep No More is a truly immersive, voyeuristic, sexy, and violent affair in the spirit of Shakespeare's Macbeth. Guests are ushered into the mysterious McKittrick Hotel, through a series of pitch-black hallways and into the swinging Manderley Bar. The air is thick with laughter, sultry jazz and stiff drinks, as revelers in the style of the 1920s carouse the crowd, hardly discernable who's the cast and who's the audience. When summoned by arrival time, you'll be separated from your group, taken into a tight elevator, and given a mask you're instructed never to remove under any condition for what will be an up to 3-hour show.
Choose-Your-Own-Adventure Theater
Not appropriate for children or those with mobility issues, audience members are invited to explore the hotel's 6 floors as the many simultaneous scenes unfold - from nude, bloody baths to an orgy-like dance party. Follow characters who intrigue you, and you just might be taken away for an intimate encounter no one else will see. Open drawers, look characters in the eyes, and don't be afraid to chase them. The more active you are, the more you'll enjoy the story. No two experiences are the same, so be prepared to explore - and wear comfortable shoes for running!
More than a Show
What began as a limited-run performance has become an NYC phenomenon, as the McKittrick Hotel now features The Heath, a dimly lit restaurant with live music every Friday and Saturday, and Gallow Green, a rooftop garden and cocktail bar (weather permitting).