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Sip Style & History at these Hidden / Secret #NYCBars

Sip Style & History at these Hidden / Secret #NYCBars Modern Speakeasies & Hidden / Secret NYC Bars
When Milk & Honey opened in 2000, New York City would never be the same. Behind a discreet door in the Lower East Side, those in the know rang an unmarked buzzer to gain entrance to one of the most hallowed bars in the world, and the city never looked back. As more and more people heard whisper of the masterpieces being crafted in the intimate, Prohibition-era space, hidden / secret NYC bars began opening from Harlem to Wall Street. Some of the best spots in this citywide renaissance of the speakeasy include:
113  St. Marks Place
One of the most unkept secrets in the world of New York cocktails, PDT ironically stands for "Please Don't Tell." You'll find their carefully concocted creations through an old-school phone booth in the East Village hot dog spot, Criff Dogs.
Bathtub Gin
132 9th Avenue
An antique bathtub is the centerpiece of this sexy bar in Chelsea, inviting guests to take a dip. A red-lit door behind Stone Street Coffee Company marks the entrance, with food as delicious as the drinks awaiting inside.
Back Room
102 Norfolk Street
Serving drinks out of teacups, this super-secret spot, humorously located behind a toy store, claims to have been an actual speakeasy in the 1920s. Swing by on Mondays for "Speakeasy Dollhouse," a wild and immersive theatrical experience.
The Garret
296 Bleecker Street
The West Village Five Guys hides many a secret, including special burgers only avaialble when you belly up at the secret bar upstairs.
The Blind Barber
339 E. 10th Street
Tucked away behind an actual barbershop, this place is the real deal, with creative cocktails and a true-blue air of mystery you can't put a price on.