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Open House New York 2015 - FREE Behind-the-Scenes Sightseeing Tours

Open House New York 2015 - FREE Behind-the-Scenes Sightseeing Tours

Peek Behind-the-Scenes During Open House New York 2015



October 17th & 18th



Iconic NYC Sights


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A highly anticipated event for those "in the know," your chance to take FREE behind-the-scenes NYC building tours of the city's most iconic sights is finally here. Open House New York (OHNY) affords locals and visitors alike the chance to explore Gotham like never before, escorted by knowledgeable guides, or on your own self-guided adventures. While some buildings on the OHNY itinerary require that you register in advance for their highly coveted, limited-capacity tours, others are first come, first serve. Some of our favorite such destinations include:


New York City Hall

October 17th, 12-4 pm

City Hall Park

The oldest city hall in the United States was built in 1812 and recently completed a magnificent renovation. Designed in the French Renaissance Revival aesthetic, the rotunda features an oculus dome (think Italy's Pantheon) and an ethereal floating staircase. Visitors are invited to explore this, the plaza, Governor's Room, and City Council Chamber.


Jefferson Market Library

October 17th, 12-4 pm

425 Sixth Avenue

Perhaps the most gorgeous building in Greenwich Village, you'll know it when you see the Venetian Gothic clock tower, especially headed south down Sixth - just a ten-minute walk from our Union Square hotel. You don't just have to imagine the view from up there during OHNY, either. Visitors are welcome to climb the 149 winding stairs to a 360-degree panorama of the Village and beyond.


Kings Theatre

October 18th, 1-4 pm

1027 Flatbush Ave, Brooklyn

Catch the Q train and spend your Sunday in Brooklyn, with a self-guided tour of this completely refurbished Golden Age theater. First opened in 1929, $95 million in renovations - from vintage carpet and seating to its terra-cotta exterior - make it one of the city's finest venues today.