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Hyatt Helps You Stay Fit While Traveling to NYC

Hyatt Helps You Stay Fit While Traveling to NYC

Stay Fit While Traveling to NYC with Hyatt

To many of us, travel means letting go, treating ourselves to things we wouldn't normally do, and veering from our regular lifestyle. While indulging in a lavish meal or two can be a lovely treat, you don't have to sacrifice your well-being when you're away from home. Courtesy of Hyatt Union Square New York, a few helpful tips to stay healthy while traveling to NYC include:

  • Take 30-60 minutes a day to workout in our 24-hour StayFit Gym, complete with stationary bikes, ellipticals, treadmills, weight machines, and free weights.
  • Get around town on a complimentary bike rental when the weather's right.
  • Book our "Stay Fit with Hyatt" package for superfood supplements, discounts on in-room fitness sessions, and more.


Our "Stay Fit with Hyatt" Hotel Package

Ever wonder why so many New Yorkers are beautifully fit, healthy people? Because in a city where everyone gets around on foot, health is paramount. Our "Stay Fit with Hyatt" package ensures you feel your best, at the top of your game on the stylish runway streets of Manhattan. It features:

  • An ALOHA VIP Superfood Smoothie Kit with
    • One Original Daily Good Pouch
    • One Berry Daily Good Pouch
    • One Chocolate Daily Good Pouch
  • One Mini Superfood Chocolate Bar
  • In-Room Stay Fit Yoga Mat
  • Daily Complimentary Bottle of Water
  • PRIV App $20 Discount Voucher on Any Fitness Session / Package, Starting at $80


What are PRIV and ALOHA?

PRIV is an app-based service bringing health and beauty professionals right to you, with fitness services ranging from yoga to boxing. As for ALOHA, their Daily Good pouches contain 14 organic superfoods for energy, immuno-defense, and detoxification. Deliciously versatile, they can be mixed in water, breakfast, or smoothies.