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For City-Wide WiFi, NYC Payphones Plan to Take Center Stage

For City-Wide WiFi, NYC Payphones Plan to Take Center Stage Need WiFi? NYC Payphones Soon Have You Covered
In a metropolis as huge as ours, Wi-Fi is a necessity. You never know when you'll need to pull up a map, research restaurant reviews, buy Broadway tickets on the go, or checkout what's happening nearby. That's why there are more New York City hot spots than ever, with even more on the way. In a groundbreakingly innovative project, NYC aims to convert roughly 10,000 of the city's payphones into free Wi-Fi hotspots. That means you may never have to use your cellular data in the city again, whether you're waiting on a taxi, enjoying a bite at a patio café, or taking in the sights.

2012 Pilot Program & Current Bids

To test the concept, the NYC Department of Information Technology and Telecommunications unleashed Wi-Fi on a handful of phones in 2012. The pilot program was successful in stirring both public and corporate interest, as upwards of 60 companies bid on the contract to connect the city. Notable bidders include Cisco, IBM, Motorola, Samsung, Cablevision, Time Warner Cable, Verizon, and the subway system's Wi-Fi provider, Transit Wireless. Perhaps the most compelling contender, however, is Google. If they land the deal, New York City will join the ranks of the Internet giant's networks in San Francisco parks, and their plans to connect businesses across the country with a cloud-based service.

The Future is Here
Antiquated payphones throughout the city are about to enjoy a renaissance, as New York remains a place where the past becomes the future in groundbreaking ways. Soon you'll be able to stay connected for free, no matter where you venture in NYC!