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Acclaimed New Shows in NYC - "Constellations," with Jake Gyllenhaal

Acclaimed New Shows in NYC - Catch One of the Hottest Shows in NYC

January 13th-March 15th

Samuel J. Friedman Theatre
261 West 47th Street


Renowned by The New York Times as "the most sophisticated date play Broadway has seen," "Constellations" marks Jake Gyllenhaal's debut on The Great White Way. Minimal in presentation, but grand in ideas and emotion, it's already one of the hottest shows in NYC - and it just opened on January 13th! The 70-minute tour-de-force is essentially a romantic acting class, as Gyllenhaal and two-time Olivier Award winner, Ruth Wilson, run through a series of vignettes imagining (and reimagining) their lives together. Stirring both the heart and mind, the plot hinges on lofty scientific theories like string theory and quantum physics to confront what-if questions of fate and free will we all ponder: "What if I hadn't said that?" "What if I would have approached him?" And so on.

About Jake Gyllenhaal
"Constellations" isn't the first time Gyllenhaal has worked with director Michael Longhurst, and rising-star playwright Nick Payne. In fact, they collaborated in 2012 for the Off-Broadway hit, "If There Is I Haven't Found it Yet." But onstage isn't where most people are used to seeing Jake Gyllenhaal. One of his generation's most prominent Hollywood stars, fans know him from movies like Brokeback Mountain, Zodiac, Donnie Darko, and his most recent critically acclaimed film, Nightcrawler. Whether you know his work or not, you'll want to catch him in "Constellations," his new Broadway play that's guaranteed to be talked about for years to come. Get your tickets today!